We don't have a shop to pay rent for and we don't have technical school tuition to pay off. 

What we have is 20+ years of building motors and 5+ years of rebuilding forks and shocks without incident. Imagine that, not one motor blown after it came from the Hamma garage.

What does this mean?

It means you'll not only be supporting one of East Coasts most active Supermoto racing teams, but you'll be spending about half what a fancy shop would charge while getting the same parts, experience, and an extra hour or two of love for your baby. The difference between another job in queue and a job relied on to build our reputation. 

Our goal is simple, setting up your bike so you could get faster, the right way, the affordable way, the no secrets way.

Services include:

- Setting up bikes trackside with suspension settings, tires with the appropriate compound and pressure

- Tire sales with free mounting at the track. Pre orders accepted online, delivered and mounted trackside

- Suspension service. Preventative maintenance, rebuilds, lowering, and upgrades using the same data the leading suspension companies use to sell you their services

- Engine and transmission service. Preventative maintenance, rebuilds and upgrades. We do not have a dyno but plan to in the future. 

Pickup,  Drop Off, and Shipping. You can ship us your parts or bring them to one of the thirty four events we'll be at this season and have them redelivered at the next event or shipped back. 

Don't be scared at the price of racing or bike maintenance when there's racers like us.